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OK.... The hackers left little of the site uncontaminated. Much of what was, is gone. I've been reconstructing what was left, and that will prove out to be the site when it comes back up.

This site has always been a labor of love with me. After collecting Matchbox for over 52 years, some of the joy had gone out of it for me. People are pleading for it to come back, yet others have moved on. Some like to speak with some "authority" of what is going on, and they really are as if blowing farts in the bathtub... Hot foul air making some inane noises.

Nobody knows but I what is going on. Period. I took a vacation. I did not worry about providing something for free. Note the server was repaired and is operating correctly. I just have not decided when I shall again emerge and continue. That's my decision, and mine alone.

I could use some help... Please contact me if you are interested in moderating or helping administer the rebuilt site, as I must renew all my associations as they were lost. But it is OK if you do not think it worth your time or investment.



Your host: Mark C, Administrator. Feel free to email me with questions or comments.


Mark C - Administrator

The Matchbox Community Hall


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